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Those who sing pray twice.

- St. Augustine (5th cent Bishop from North Africa)


In no less than 254 times do we find biblical references encouraging the faithful to make music. From the time of earliest records of civilization, music has been a central component of a community’s ability to make meaning, express its deepest held convictions, celebrate and mourn life events and create cathartic and expansive experiences bringing together individuals into a united expression of the whole. The church is one of many venues where music has found its place as a central element of expression and component for building community.


The ethos and definition of what is now considered “church” or “religious” music has expanded over the past century moving beyond a formerly limited canon of classical Western European hymnody. At St. John’s we have embraced an increasingly expansive expression of music believing that both “ancient” and “modern” music can inspire, assist and ignite our passion in the context of worship. Music for us forms a vibrant expression and invitation to worship God and to experience a wide-range of what has been called the most universal language.


Whether we are singing from our 1982 Episcopal Hymnal, clapping and stomping to a call-and-response gospel song, chanting the psalms in the ancient monastic practice, or singing a secular/contemporary piece with new contextual meaning, all is done with the belief that in fact when a congregation “sings” it does indeed pray twice.




In addition to the weekly gifts that the members of St. John’s and the Music Ministry so generously offer, we are pleased to welcome these guest musicians to our sacred space during Lent. Come and See.




Notes from Liza Calisesi Maidens, Director of Music


January 2017 : Music Scholar Program at St. John's

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