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574 S. Sheldon Road
Plymouth, Michigan, 48170

Phone: 734-453-0190
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Annual Giving Campaign

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Through the month of October, St. John’s church is holding our Annual Giving Campaign.  We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us in making a pledge to support to mission and ministry of our church. 

Pledging to support St. John’s is using the gifts God has given us, to do the work God is calling us to do. We are stewards of the many gifts we have received through God’s grace and love.

Our ability to pursue the mission and ministries to which God has called us depends on the generosity of those who are a part of our community.

You can submit your pledge to support St. John’s in 2018 in two ways:

1) Pledge Card - Use the printed pledge card available in the bulletins or click HERE to download the card.  Fill in and return it to St. John’s via postal mail or by placing it into the baskets during Sunday services.

2) SecureGive – Click HERE to enter your pledge for 2018 online.  Simply log into SecureGive, select “Pledges” from the menu and enter to the total dollar amount of your 2018 pledge.

AGC Logo.jpg


 “Put simply, life is a God-given opportunity

to become who we are, to affirm our own

true spiritual nature, claim our truth, appropriate

and integrate the reality of our being, but most of all,
to say ‘Yes’ to the One who calls us the Beloved.”


                                                                                                                                         Henri J.M. Nouwen


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Life is an opportunity and a journey — a journey to saying “Yes” to the God who calls us Beloved.
Life is a journey to love, to welcome and to invite; a journey to create peace and to live generously.

Episcopal Bishop Robert C. Wright of Atlanta writes:


“When we give, we are participating in the personhood of God.
We are participating in what is most real in the universe — God's inexhaustibleness!
We are making God real in the world by lending God our flesh through partnership.”


The Journey to Generosity is about participating in God’s inexhaustibleness. But first we must believe that God’s love, healing, and forgiveness are inexhaustible. We must overcome our fears so that we can say “Yes” to God’s call to partnership.


If this sounds like a great risk, consider also these words of Bishop Wright:


“When we give, you might say we are rolling the dice in a game,
the outcome of which we are already certain. God is love. And loving is giving.”


We invite you this year to take the risk of believing that the outcome is certain. We invite you to participate in the inexhaustibleness of God by confidently joining our journey to greater generosity.


Please consider aligning your standard of giving with your standard of living. For some, that means giving 10 percent of their income (the biblical tithe) to God’s work through St. John’s. For others, tithing is a goal to work toward by increasing their giving two or three percent each year. Regardless, every pledge is appreciated and every dollar will be put to work for the glory of God in this place.


Let us walk together on this Journey to Generosity so that God’s light might shine brighter through the mission and ministries of St. John’s.



The Vestry of St. John’s, Plymouth





What is a pledge?
Pledging is simply promising to give a certain amount of money to the operating fund of St. John’s next year.  Your pledge commitment is instrumental in the creation of our annual budget supporting all expenses necessary to live out the ministries at St. John's. Each year, we strive for 100% participation from our community. No pledge amount is too great or small.


Does my individual pledge make a difference?
Absolutely!  St. John’s relies on the generosity of our community to fund 98% of our budget.  


What if I can’t give or can’t estimate my giving for next year?
Pledging is NOT a prerequisite for participating in the common life of St. John’s. We welcome all to share in the celebration of our faith and community regardless of your financial situation.  


If your situation is such that are unable to pledge or unable to estimate your giving we encourage you to participate in this year’s campaign.  Please return a pledge card a simply indicate you will give as you are able.


I put money in the offering plate.  Why should I pledge?
Loose offerings in the plate are appreciated and help to support St. John’s.  But pledging helps transform giving into a spiritual practice. You make a commitment and fulfilling it becomes a regular practice just like worship and prayer.  When you write down an estimate, you are making a purposeful decision to put God first instead of giving based on what happens to be in your wallet. 


How do I make my pledge?  
You can fill out the pledge card provided in the service bulletin, pick up one from the table in the hallway, or click HERE and
return it one of the pledge collection baskets or place it in the offering plate during service.  You also can mail it directly to St. John’s, 574 S. Sheldon Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170.


New this year!! 

For those that prefer to submit their pledge electronically you now can use SecureGive, our online giving platform. Simply log into SecureGive, select “Pledges” from the top menu and enter the total amount of your pledge for 2018.  If you’re new to SecureGive, please create an account linked to your phone number and then submit your annual pledge amount.


The wardens and vestry are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding pledging.  Please contact them through the church office by calling 734-453-0190 or sending an e-mail
to the church office.


Please click here to view the summary from State Street Global Advisors on the impact of the new tax law for 2018.




LegacyImage.jpgWhen preparing your Estate Plan please consider a gift to the Church.  Giving to the Church through your will is the most common way to continue your support beyond your lifetime.  St. John’s Legacy Fund was set up to allow for the growth of the Church into the future.   Charitable gifts may take many forms;  a bequest by will or trust, cash, check, securities, personal property and life insurance to name a few.


The St. John’s Legacy Society honors the act of giving to God and supports our future service to people in Christ’s name through growth of the Endowments. To access our St. John's Legacy Fund membership application which outlines further details and information on types of gifts to consider please click here


Questions may be directed to St. John's Treasurer Beth Frolick-Rapson.





St. John's Legacy Society FAQ

Membership Application

Episcopal Church Foundation 



August 6-10 ~ 9am-12pm

For children age 4-grade 5

Registration beginning April 1

Click HERE for more info.


 AGC Logo.jpg

2018 Annual Giving Campaign

Click HERE for info about the campaign

Click HERE for the 2018 pledge card


 SJP's 2017 Annual Report








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