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The Discovery Process

In early 2018 the congregation of St. John’s embarked on a visioning process to discern the next faithful steps in our call for a permanent Rector.


We are following the program Discovering God’s Future for Your Church by Dr. Lovett H. WeDiscovery Logo.jpgems Jr. of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.


“This approach to congregational discernment helps a church articulate a renewed vision by considering its purpose through the lens of it’s identity, it’s internal context and external context.


The Discovery Process is facilitated by members of the congregation. William Brave and Jayne Watson act as Discovery Team Co-Chairs, and provide updates on the program to the full congregation monthly.


Discovery Update message from July 15th, 2018:


Good Morning,


We want to thank everyone who has responded and participated in Discovery activities so far. We hope you noticed that the Discovery process isn’t just about a few people asking questions and collecting data. That’s only part of it, the bigger picture is that it’s a chance for us to work together, in Christian community, to build a Vision and chart our path forward, together as we discern our next faithful steps.


We hope all will participate in whatever capacity works for you.  In person, on paper or online, but we greatly encourage taking the opportunity to meet with others, in community, at a Discovery activity.  



If you are New, or Newer, we also have a newcomer’s survey available because your feedback is helpful to the process.


Discovery Process Update: September 12, 2018


The Discovery Team is fast approaching the “Bringing it all Together” stage of the process.

“The critical last step in your vision discernment work is to bring together the clues you have identified related to your identity, context and community… to discern the Next Faithful Step, to which God is calling your congregation,” from Discovering God’s Future for Your Church.


For the last 4 months members of the Discovery Teams have reached out to the congregation for feedback during eight activities/surveys. They have reviewed and compiled summaries for each area of their examination.  This bulk of feedback from the congregation, will lay the foundation for discerning the next Faithful Step.


In order to bring the three Circles together, the Vestry and Discovery Team have set the date of

Tuesday evening September 18th at 7:00 pm to hold a joint meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to transfer the Circles’ Discovery work to the Vestry to use at their Retreat.


During the meeting on September 18th, the Circle leaders will give an overview of their Circles, and they will answer questions from the Vestry members.


This final meeting is open for attendance, yet discussion and Q and A will be limited to dialogue between the Vestry and Discovery Team.  We hope all interested members of the congregation were able to engage in the Discovery exercises during the last 4 months.


We thank everyone for your prayers and participation so far.  Please continue in prayer as the next steps on our journey begin here! 


I pray that God of our Lord Jesus Christ… may give you the spiritual powers of wisdom and vision… (NEB)


Good and gracious God,

For the community of St. John’s: for all it is, for all it has been, for all it will be, thank you.

At the point of our deepest need, meet us.

To where you are calling us to go, guide us.

Show us the next faithful step.




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