1ad53fb6f993d95ceff1ac87a45b8d43Beloved Saints of St. John’s,
Ready or not, we have entered into the season of Lent- the time we bow our heads, kneel down in quiet places and turn inward to reflect, confess and wait for God’s forgiveness and love. This is a hard season for some; it requires commitment and vulnerability, two things that we sometimes have in short supply. It is challenging to commit to times of fasting and prayer and silence for many, me included. We live and move and have our being in a fast paced, over-saturated world of possessions, commitments and noise. The challenge is real as we are invited into these ancient practices but the reward is great. On Ash Wednesday I invited us to consider traveling these next 40 days both quietly and together. May we learn from each other, may we be quick to forgive each other and ourselves so that on Easter morning we will stand at the grave and indeed shout the “A” word, that for now we cannot speak.

You are loved,
Priest Lisa