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Welcome to St. John’s 

If you are visiting our website for the first time, welcome!

I am glad you are here and hope you find both information and a flavor of who we are as an expansive and inclusive community of faithful disciples. We trust the information you find here conveys our desire to welcome all; those who know and have been to church before, those who have never walked through the doors, and those who may be ready to give the church another chance. We come from varied backgrounds and faith experiences, but what unites us is our belief that our faith and community matters and each person who joins us makes us richer and better as a whole.


For a hundred years St. John’s has served this community and surrounding areas as a vibrant worshiping community committed to meeting the needs of its’ neighbors and letting service to others transform the community itself.


While we continue to adapt to the changing landscape and challenges of what it means to be a Christian in a 21st century context, we remain constant in our desire to be a community willing to be changed and inspired by others as we create an exciting and caring place for strength and deep friendship in a world needing places that offer unconditional welcome.


At a time when the demands of work, family, a string of commitments and over-programmed lives can keep us deterred from connecting in deep and meaningful ways with each other, I encourage you to be bold and push through that resistance. Come join us for a Sunday or two, and then let me know if this isn’t the best thing you could do for yourself every week!


I can’t wait to meet you.