folkartlazarusThis Sunday we will hear the story of Lazarus. This story reminds us of the power of resurrection, as well as the power of love and compassion. As we anticipate Holy Week and Easter we can be assured that our own stories of resurrection are real, relevant and life-changing. Each time we share our stories the promise of resurrection is given new life and meaning.
Richard Rohr in his book, Radical Grace, says it this way:

Though Jesus brings us to life, he needs us, the body of Christ.  He needs the community to unbind Lazarus.  We now share in the power of resurrection. The eternal Christ says to the eternal Church: Unbind the suffering world and let it go free!  That is the meaning of Church.  It is our call, our burden, our task in human history.  The risen Christ invites us on his path of liberation.  

Come be the church this Sunday and give thanks for a community that yearns to unbind the suffering and let it go free!

You are loved.
Priest Lisa