Dear Members of St. John’s,

Just when we were becoming hopeful about once again being able to gather together in our church, we are back on “Pause” for the health and safety of our community. But the Spirit has a way, and this “Great Pause” continues to remind us of our priorities, our blessings, and just how much we value our connection to each other.
One thing I am thankful for this year is being part of St. John’s Vestry team. Our Zoom meetings, discussions, prayers, and problem solving have kept me engaged and connected with people in St John’s, whom I enjoy and respect.
It is a source of inspiration that St. John’s continues to prove we are strong, flexible, and resilient! Even with the challenges of the pandemic, St. John’s is not hitting the PAUSE button. We continue moving forward toward our future in ministry here in the Plymouth area.

In the weeks ahead, your Vestry will be making plans for next year. We will present a budget that reflects all we hope for and all we value at St. John’s, including the calling of a ‘settled’ Rector in 2021.

We ask you to join us on this journey of Faith-filled Generosity!

As we each give thanks for all the blessings we’ve discovered this year, please pray for all the hopes and dreams we have for St. John’s in the coming year.
All of us making a financial commitment toward our life and ministry together…a pledge made in ‘faith filled generosity’…will make those hopes and dreams a reality.

With love and gratefulness,
Jayne Watson

Jr. Warden