A Tribute to Reverend Regina, by Dick Bass

At Easter time in 2019 God sent us a gift.  That gift was Rev. Regina Johnson.  God’s timing was perfect because our congregation was hurting. We needed some love and some hope and that’s exactly what we got from Rev. Regina.

We heard great sermons that were always energizing, engaging and always included a bit of humor.  Rev. Regina’s sermons focused on the Gospel for the day.  We heard explanations of the history and culture pertaining to the time period of the Gospels to help us really understand them better.   She usually had a written script of her sermon but would often deviate from her script as she was driven by the Holy Spirit.  She didn’t just stand at the pulpit but got down in the aisles to better engage with us.

Remember the first time she asked us “can I have an “Amen?”  Our rather conservative congregation gave the Amen, but it was almost a whisper.  She lovingly referred to us as her “lighter expressions!”  It didn’t take long before she didn’t have to ask for an Amen, we gave them loud and with enthusiasm!

We heard her tell us some things we never heard before in church and will most likely will never forget; “God loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it” and “Get over yourself!”  For anyone feeling guilty, unworthy or doubting where they stood with God she made sure you had nothing to fear.

She was not afraid to share with us some of the tragedies and challenges she’s had to face.  We even heard that at times she was mad at God; not something you would expect to hear from a preacher.  However, her great faith got her through those times.  Her honesty, sincerity and humbleness always came through. 

Rev. Regina was very intuitive; she knew there was some hurt, some turmoil and some anger within our congregation.  Her message to us was to forgive and move on.  We heard this almost weekly and, thanks to her, we are moving on.

Rev. Regina has decided to focus on her health and slow down a little.  SJP will miss her but never forget her for the healing she provided to us.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she recovers from surgery.

To show our appreciation, the Vestry is setting up a “Purse” for Rev. Regina. Contributions to the “Purse” can be made by a check made out to St. John’s Plymouth – please write “Rev. Regina” in the Memo line. You can also contribute online with Realm HERE. Select The Gift Fund from the drop down menu. You can even contribute by TEXTING:  SJPlymouth to 73256 to on your mobile device