23cfdd3c2e42da2e66740ba27f23ffe9As we come upon the end of this season of Lent I find myself ready to fall into the arms of Holy Week. Don’t get me wrong, I am not unaware of what lies ahead; the days to come in between Palm Sunday and Easter are, necessarily, full of agony and despair. I recognize that we will need to journey with Jesus to Calgary and watch the events of betrayal, torture and ultimately death. But I am also aware that we make this journey together each year with the sure and certain hope that these days allow us to remember and reclaim the core beliefs and tenets of our faith. The story of the Passion is a deep and dramatic love story between God and Jesus and by extension, between Jesus and all of us today.  It is a story of faith and trust, of humility and integrity, of courage and compassion, of truth and grace.  Jesus walked this path of love for us. Come this Sunday as we begin to walk this journey together.

You are loved.
Priest Lisa

Look at him! Look not at his divinity, but look rather at his freedom.  Look not at the exaggerated tales of his power, but look rather at his infinite capacity to give himself away.  Look not at the first-century mythology that surrounds him, but look rather at his courage to be, his ability to live, the contagious quality of his love.  Stop your frantic search. Be still and know that this is God: this love, this freedom, this life, this being. And when you are accepted, accept yourself. When you are forgiven, forgive yourself. When you are loved, love yourself.

– The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong