As we near the end of Holy Week we begin to anticipate, ever so slowly, the imminent arrival of Easter morning. Last Sunday I challenged us to spend the week looking through the eyes and into the hearts of all those we heard and saw in the telling of the Passion narrative. I suggested that in each of us is the potential to celebrate, cheer, deny, betray, grieve and weep as we make our way to the cross. I hope you have been able to tap into all those very human emotions and experience something holy, something that was unknown or unexpected. All is being made ready for our Easter Sunday Celebration. We will gather at 9:00 and 11:00 for two opportunities to see the stone rolled away and feel the liberation of the sight of an empty tomb. Come all; the weary, the ready, the reluctant, the eager, the faithful, the doubter, the sinner and the saint- your place is secure and you are wanted and needed this day and always.
You are loved.
Priest Lisa

Christ Crucified is all of the hidden, private, tragic pain of history made public and given over to God. Christ Resurrected is all of that private, ungrieved, unnoted suffering received, loved, and transformed by an All-Caring God. How else could we believe in God at all? How else could we have any kind of cosmic hope? How else would we not die of sadness for what humanity has done to itself and to one another? Jesus is the blueprint, the plan, the pattern revealed in one body and moment of history to reveal the meaning of all of history and each of our lives. The cross is the banner of what we do to one another and to God. The resurrection is the banner of what God does to us in return. Easter is the announcement of God’s perfect and final victory.  
-Richard Rohr